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MAPS: My story: Marijuana treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa

I write this at personal risk, as I am aware that Federal authorities monitor this forum.  Please understand that I am neither a doctor nor an expert on psychoactive substances.
    I have been diagnosed with Leber's amaurosis, a form of the eye disorder family known as retinitis pigmentosa.
    I should have, according to normal progress of the malady, been totally blind by age 25 or so.  however, at 43, I still have a good deal of usable vision.  Why?
    The variable that accounts for my retention of vision, despite a well- documented eye disorder, is that I have been smoking marijuana regularly since 1974 (roughly the onset of puberty for me).  While the mechanism is not understood, a number of leading opthalmologists have suggested that marijuana has saved my eyesight, at least to a degree.
    I write this, because I feel we need to keep an open mind on medical uses of marijuana other than the accepted treatment of glaucoma, cancer and AIDS - related symptoms, asthma and the other more common uses of medical marijuana.
    While the U.S. courts play their pointless legal games, ina never- ending battle between the big phrmaceutical companies and the common person, I will continue to break the law.  No, I don't sell dope to anyone.  No, I don't use "hard drugs" (except occasional alcohol and tobacco use).  Yes, I will emmigrate from the U.S. to a more marijuana - friendly country if need be.
    Thanks for reading this.  Under current laws, I cannot get "accepted" medical marijuana, but I hope that you and anyone else who reads this will work to bring both common sense and compassion into U.S. drug policy.