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Here is an intriguing announcement from Terence McKenna:

From: "T. McKenna" <syzygy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

One of the fruits of the February meeting this year in Palenque was the
decision to offer a new sort of event to the psycho/cyberdelic community. 
Myself and two old friends are organizing the First AllChemical Arts
Conference, to be held in Hawaii from September 12-17, 1999. The theme of
the conference is the relationship between hallucinogens and the creative
process. We are interested in providing an environment in which visual
artists, writers, musicians, and film makers can discuss with a small
audience how these substances have influenced and informed their art

It is our anticipation that the turn of the millennium zeitgeist in the
arts is toward a frank exploration of the influence of hallucinogens on
the creative process.  The explicit acknowledgment of the impact of
induced visionary states is long past due and now is the time to gather
and celebrate the powerful tools that tribal shamans and modern
pharmacology have placed in the hands of the artistic community. The union
between the values of the archaic world and the values of our postmodern
culture through creative use of hallucinogens is the general theme of the
conference. We are seeking artists whose work reflects the influence of
psychedelics in its structure, point of view, thematic emphasis, and in
the exploration of alternative histories and realities. The format of the
conference includes lectures by the artists about their work and its
relation to psychoactive substances, panel discussions, and an open forum
that would allow for direct interaction between audience and the artists. 

As people with a proven interest in such matters, I would like to extend
an invitation to list members to participate in this conference. The cost
is $1500 per person.  That amount covers lodging and food expenses for the
duration of the conference, and access to all conference events. The
meeting will take place at a Big Island beach front resort with all
amenities. The conference schedule will allow for ample time to relax and
enjoy the pleasures of Hawaii's sun, surf and volcanoes. 

The three organizers have been involved in research on psychoactive plants
and shamanic inebriants for over twenty years. Terence McKenna,
ethnobotanist and writer, is the author of Food of the Gods, True
Hallucinations, and The Archaic Revival. 

 Manuel Torres is a professor of art history at Florida International
University, and specializes in Precolumbian art of the Andes. He is the
author of The Iconography of South American Snuff Trays and Related
Paraphernalia, and numerous articles on the archaeological use of
DMT-based snuff powders. 

Ken Symington, a chemical engineer by training, is a free-lance
ethnobotanical investigator having considerable field experience with
ayahuasca shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon. He has recently published an
English translation of the Three Halves of Ino Moxo, by Peruvian author
C=E9sar Calvo. 

I hope that you will consider joining us in Hawaii this September for a
celebration of the creative impact of the hallucinogens on the creative
process.  I will look forward to hearing back from you ASAP.  Only one
hundred registrants will be accepted.  You may contact us through the
AllChemical Arts number 626-355-7893 or e mail directly to registrar Ken
at Perigee63@xxxxxxx

A web site supporting this event and announcing the faculty will be
announced shortly. 

All the best,

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna
P O Box 677
Honaunau, HI 96726
=09=09       e mail:  syzygy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Perplexed?     Checkout URL:  http://www.levity.com/eschaton/


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