A Tribute to Dr. Humphry Osmond, Psychiatrist, 1917-2004

Dr. Humphry Osmond, a prominent British psychiatrist with research interests in schizophrenia and the use of LSD and mescaline in the understanding and treatment of mental illness and alcoholism, invented the term 'psychedelic' and introduced Aldous Huxley, author of 'Doors of Perception', to mescaline in 1953.

Dr. Osmond studied and worked at Guy's and St. George's Hospitals, London, the Saskatchewan Hospital in Canada, the Bryce Hospital in Alabama and was a Director of Research at the New Jersey Psychiatric Institute in Princeton, New Jersey.

He once wrote "For myself, my experiences with these substances have been the most strange, most awesome and among the most beautiful things in a varied and fortunate life. These are not escapes from but enlargements, burgeonings of reality."

Humphrey was one of the earliest western researchers to acknowledge the potential value of psychedelics in personal development and medical practice.

'To fathom hell or soar angelic
just take a pinch of psychedelic'