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MAPS: DEA manuals

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The Drug Enforcement Administration has a number of manuals that can be
requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  A few of these manuals have
been released by the agency; others have been released in part or in
redacted form; some have never been released, and still others have not even
been requested.

Aviation Operations Manual
Planning and Inspection Manual
Operations Manual
DEA Narcotics Investigator Manual
Diversion Manual
DEA Laboratory Manual
Laboratory Operations Handbook/Manual - may duplicate the above
Basic Training Program for Forensic Drug Chemists
A Guide to Canine Interdiction
forensic Chemist Training Manual
Clandestine Laboratory Guide for Agents and Chemists
Analysis of Drugs Manual
Special Agents Manual
Asset Forfeiture Guide
Personnel Manual - available on the web in the DEA Electronic Reading Room
Policy on Search & Seizure
Policy on Use of Deadly Force
Policy on Execution of Search Warrants
Policy on Interrogations of Suspects and Witnesses

Here is the address to address requests for the above records:

Katherine L. Myrick, Chief
Freedom of Information Operations Unit
Drug Enforcement Administration
Department of Justice
700 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
(202) 307-7596 

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