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Re: MAPS:alternative to 'just say no'

> From: valor@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Those who have some experience of psychoactive chemicals
> have a responsibility to teach only from truth, but also from their 
> wisdom and experience, which may well have some caveats  to offer. 
> However I am wondering what the legal ramifications of setting up such 
> a website might be, or at least to note the amount of care that must
> be taken in writing and presenting such a site. 

A "Real News About Drugs" website/newsletter will probably experience
less in the way of legal difficulty, than in just finding a domestic 
ISP willing to host the site.  Use an offshore host, maybe?  But note
that even the USDA has a dynamic site providing information on the
constituents and effects of many plants, with warnings against self-
medication, etc.  See http://www.ars-grin.gov/~ngrlsb/

The website you propose would likely be flagged by "kid-protection" 
screeners, hiding this information from a target audience in dire
need of it; which is why an online newsletter, suitably promoted,
would also be useful.  Perhaps different levels of presentation
would be appropriate - a site, and weekly letter, with "Headline
News"-type newsbytes in simple language, linked to more in-depth 
and technical presentations at the next level; and all of these 
backstopped by citations to journal articles, research reports and 
other such tokens of "legitimacy".

The ugly truth is, promoting such information is a political
exercise, another scuffle in the campaign for the "hearts and
minds" of the world.  To be effective, all the tools of media
influence utilized by the forces of repression must be exercised,
albeit with a bit more honesty and less fear-mongering.  Regular
press releases and conferences; PACs and think-tanks; T-shirts, 
comics, toys, games; a steady drum-beat.  Unsavory but vital.

It isn't enough to show that a War On Drugs or Just Say No or
D.A.R.E. campaigns don't work, can't work - the public must be
aroused to repugnance over the repression & futility & waste of 
such approaches.  And THAT requires beaucoups PR.  Bother...

None of this is likely to be free.  Think "budget".

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