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MAPS Bulletin Winter 2013: 2013 Annual Report
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December 9, 2013

MDMA Could Become a Prescription Drug by 2021


Mixmag highlights the Ask Me Anything session hosted on reddit by MAPS Founder Rick Doblin and the staff of MAPS. The topics of the article include the safety of marijuana, the myth of LSD “flashbacks,” and how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research is helping people with PTSD.

Originally appearing here.

A recent Ask Me Anything feature on Reddit featured experts from the Multi-disciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) answering all sorts of questions about drug research and effects.

Amid the mythbusting – marijuana smoke is not carcinogenic revealed MAPS director Rick Dobin, nor is it possible to ‘re-trip’ years later on LSD – was an update on medical trials of MDMA, which is, of course, the active ingredient in ecstasy or Molly.

According to MAPS Director of Clinical Research, Amy Emerson, clinical trials of MDMA psychotherapy are currently in ‘Phase 2’. At least two larger ‘Phase 3’ studies are required to prove safety and efficacy and these are planned for between 2016 and 2020, before the sponsor of the studies submits a new drug application to the Federal Drug Agency (in the US) and the European Medicines Agency - all of which means that there could be a decision on whether MDMA becomes a prescription medicine by 2021.

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