MAPS Historic MDMA Media Archives
This index to the MAPS historic media archive provides access to a collection of scans of MDMA-related articles from the 1980s and 1990s. These articles document the popular attitudes and controversies surrounding MDMA use and scheduling during this period. They are published in PDF format. Unfortunately, the quality of a few of scans is poor due to the nature of the original source material, and MAPS is continuing its efforts to improve these.

MAPS wishes to thank Brian Bazilauskas for his kind help and assistance with this project.


Newsweek magazine published Getting high on ecstasy by Jerry Adler, April 15, 1985

Washington Post published Soon Drugs May Make Us Smarter by Michael Schrage, February 3rd, 1985

The Journal of the Instutute for the Advancement of Health published Using MDMA in Psychotherapy by George Greer, Spring 1985

Brain Mind published MDMA: Compound Raises Legal Issues, April 15, 1985

Dallas Times Herald published Latest 'designer' drug makes officials wary, users heady; But everyone is calling it Ecstasy, April 22, 1985

An unknown press published If legalizing drugs is wrong does anyone have a better idea? by William F. Buckley, May 1985

Psychology Today published MDMA: A psychedelic drug faces regulation by Jack Shafer, May 1985

New York Magazine published The New Drug They Call 'Ecstasy' by Joe Klein, May 20, 1985.

The LA Times published Psychiatrists defend new street drug for therapy by Miles Corwin, May 27, 1985

The USA Today published Is Ecstasy Safe, or in the same leage as LSD? by Dan Sperling, May 30, 1985.

The USDOJ published The MDMA emergency scheduling order by DEA, May 31, 1985
DEA Fact Sheet on MDMA calling for the emergency scheduling

Pharmchem Newsletter published MDMA: another view of ecstasy by Richard Seymour, May-June 1985

Pharmchem Newsletter published What is MDMA by Alexander Shulgin, May-June 1985

The Libertarian published "Americans Deprived of Ecstasy," June 1985. Read Rick Doblin's response to the article

The Washington Post published Ecstasy - the lure and the peril by Jane Leavy, June 1, 1985

The Washington Post published DEA will ban hallucinogen know to users as ecstasy by Mary Thornton, June 1, 1985

Time magazine published A crackdown on ecstasy, June 10, 1985

The Seattle Times publishes Ecstasy: Is it 'LSD without fireworks' or a dangerous addition? Federal Ban Spurs a debate by Dean Katz, June 10, 1985

The Tampa Tribune publishes A valuable mission or bad trip for Doblin? by Paul Lomartire, June 11, 1985

The American Medical News published DEA to outlaw hallucinogenic ecstasy drug, June 14 1985

The Vanguard Press published The drug they call ecstasy by Gail Hudson, June 16-23, 1985

New York Magazine publishes The Agony and the Ecstasy Letter to the Editor by Rick Doblin, June 17, 1985

The New York Post published World Is Drugged by Richard Laermer, June 20, 1985

The Star Telegram published Sales brisk as clock runs down on drug by Sue Morrison, June 23, 1985

The San Francisco Chronicle published The new drug they call ecstasy by Joe Klein, June 23, 1985

The Chicago Tribune published New drug challenges cocaine as the choice of yuppiedom, June 23, 1985

Business Week published The Losing War Against Designer Drugs, June 24, 1985

The Philadelphia Enquirer published As yuppies mourn - a favorite drug heads for the banned list by Dick Polman, June 28 1985

The Associated Press runs Designer Drug Fans Plan Legal Parties, June 29, 1985

The Chicago Tribune publishes The Chicago Connection U. of C. led to ban designer drugs, June 30, 1985

US Government publishes Clinical Research Notes on MDMA, July 1985

Dope published XTC: The drug of the 80's by Dr. Timothy Leary, July 1985

The DeKalb Northern Star published Professor suing US to change drug's rating by Maureen Campbell, July 10, 1985

The Kansas City Star published Not all are in ecstasy - some exalt/denouce drug by Brian Burns, July 15, 1985

The Wall Street Journal published Legalize those drugs we can't control by Ernest Van Den Haag, July 1985

Life Magazine published The Trouble with Ecstasy, August 1985

Omni magazine published Chemical Ecstasies by Ronald Siegel, August 1985
Comments on Seigel's article by Rick Doblin, September 1985

The St. Petersburg Times publishes New 'guru' pitches Ecstasy, the drug labeled both a killer and a medicinal tool, August 22, 1985

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published He has a drug in mind by Bill Wissner, August 24, 1985

A Tallahassee press publishes Designer Drugs: Junior chemists concoct potent mindblowers by Gina Smith, August 29, 1985

Alcoholism and Addiction published Ecstasy Etc by Mark Gold, Sept.- Oct. 1985

The Dallas Times Herald published Judge drops ecstasy charges on 6 by Robert Feinstein, September 1985

The Journal of Psychactive Drugs published The scheduling of MDMA: a pharmacist's perspective by June Riedlinger, September 1985

An unknown press published Doug, September 1985. The link includes a reply letter from Rick Doblin

The California Alcohol Treatment Journal published MDMA as an adjunct to psychotherapy and a street drug of abuse, September 1985

Vista Hill Foundation published They call it ecstasy by Sidney Cohen MD, September 1985

Cosmopolitan Magazine published Q&A item about Ecstasy, by Susan Okie, September 1985

Doonesbury Cartoons published MDMA scheduling by Gary Trudeau, September 1985

The Miami Herald published XTC by Jeff Leen, September 1, 1985

The Bradenton Herald published MDMA advocate seeks legalization of the drug, September 3, 1985

The Universal Press Syndicate published Legalizing and taxing the drugs by William Buckley, September 4, 1985

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published Letters to the Editor in reponse to Bill Wissner's August 24 article, September 5, 1985

NASADAD (National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors) published Alcohol and Drug Abuse Report, September 9, 1985

BrainMind Bulletin published MDMA Update, September 9, 1985

C&EN published New Variety of Street Drugs Poses Growing Problem by Rudy Baurn, September 9 1985

The Face published Ecstasy, October 1985

The Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic published Clarification of 'designer drugs' by David Smith and Richard Seymour, October 1985

Psychiatric News published M.D.'s Protest Control of MDMA, October 4, 1985

USA Today published Controversy halts release of new nutrition guides, October 8, 1985

The Federal Register published Schedules of Controlled Substances by the Drug Enforcement Administration , October 18, 1985

Bazaar Magazine published "Hug Drug" Alert: The Agony of Ecstasy, by Kathryn Gertz, November 1985

The American Journal of Psychiatry published Information on "Ecstasy", by George Greer and Rick Strassman, November 1985

High Times published Ecstasy: The Truth About MDMA, by Gary Panter, November 1985

An unknown press published Outlawed drug tied to brain damage, November 6 1985

The Journal of American Medical Assocation published New looks at drug effects, psychiatric care, November 8th, 1985

Brain Mind Bulletin published Government witness says MDMA deserves study, November 18, 1985.

The AHP published MDMA Update by Rick Ingrasci, December 1985

Harper's Magazine published In the age of cocaine what is American's drug problem?, by Giuliana, Grinspoon, Haag, Trebach, Kleiman, Garcia, Stutman, London, December 1985

Rolling Stone magazine published Tune in - Turn on - Go to the office late Monday by P.J. O'Rourke, December 1985

Brain Mind Bulletin published MDMA Transcript: Judge Considers History's View, December 1985

The Dallas Times Herald published Experts link woman's death to owtlawed drug by David Lindsey, December 31, 1985

Campus Voice published The Strange Saga of Ecstasy by Jerome Weeks, December 1985/January 1985

Esquire magazine Year End Special published Dubious achievements of 1985, January 1986

The Science Digest published The agony of ecstasy by Kathryn Rose Gertz, February 1986

The Dallas Times Herald published Dallas designer drug case may be landmark by Robert Feinstein, February 17 1986

The Sarasota-Herald Tribune published An Immoderate Proposal, from the editorial staff, March 6, 986

Psychopharmacology Bulletin published Clinical Aspects of Use of Phenylalkylamine and Indolealkylamine Hallucinogens by Leo Hollister, May 1986

High Times magazine published MDMA by David Smith and Rick Seymour, May 1986

AHP Perspectives published The MDMA question by Thomas Roberts, May 1986

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published Panel Hears Supporters of 'Designer Drug' Bills, May 21, 1986

The Dallas Morning News published Judge wants Ecstasy OK'd for medical use by William Choyke, May 24 1986

Psychology Today published MDMA: madness - not ecstasy by Marjory Roberts, June 1986

Brain Mind Bulletin published Judge proposes more lenient schedule for MDMA, June 16, 1986

Cosmopolitan Magazine published Fine tuning your sexual pleasure centers by Judith Hopper and Dick Teresi, July 1986

The Chicago Sun-Times published Health benefit of drug 'ecstasy' debated, July 13, 1986

Discover published Beyond Crack, August 1986

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published Judge Rules on MDMA, August 16, 1986

AHP Perspectives published Designer drugs damage by Carol Turkington, August-September 1986

Time Magazine published The Next High, September 15, 1986

The House of Representatives published Designer Drug Enforcement Act, September 19, 1986

The Face published The Agony and The Ecstasy by Peter Nasmyth, October 1986

The Penthous Forum Magazine published The outlawed aphrodisiac by Leland Street, October 1986

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published MDMA: Proceedings of the conference, October-December 1986

High Times magazine published Ecstasy on Trial by Rick Seymour, November 1986

AHP Perspectives published MDMA Reponses to Designer drugs damage article, November & December 1986

The National Review published Reaganites at risk by Richard Vigilante, December 5, 1986

High Frontiers published MDMA: Safe as Ice Cream? by Jeremy Tarcher, January 1987

The Florida Times Union published A designer drug called ecstasy by Andy Morgan, March 15, 1987

The Dallas Times Herald published Five deaths linked to Ecstasy, Eve in county, March 27,1987

JAMA published Eve and ecstasy - a report of 5 deaths associated with MDEA and MDMA by Dowing, McDonough and Bost, March 27, 1987

Designer Drugs published Ecstasy, May 1987

The Sarasota Herald published Government Ruled Negligent in Death From Drug Tests, May 6, 1987

American Health published From Crack to Ecstasy by Hal Straus, June 1987

Harpers magazine published I sing of Norman P by Allen Ginsberg, July 1987

JAMA published Letters on MDMA by various authors, August 1987

The Miami Herald published Psychedelic 'hug drug' taking students by storm by Chris Downey, December 1987

The San Francisco Chronicle published 'Ecstasy' is Reportedly Big at Stanford by David Perlman, December 10, 1987

The San Jose Mercury News published Acid goes '80s by Mike Weiss, December 13, 1987

JAMA published Brain cell destruction from MDMA by Donald Ian McGregor MD, December 18, 1987

Newsweek publishes an article containing ecstasy use statistics and a quote from Lester Grinspoon, January 4, 1988

The LA Weekly published Ecstasy - the real dope by Rosalind Roland, January 15, 1988

The San Jose Mercury News published Is ecstasy a gain or drain for brain by Tom Philp, February 1988

Science Magazine published New Data Intensify the Agony Over Ecstasy by Deborah Barnes, February 19, 1988, including un-published letter exchange with Rick Doblin

The Shaman's Drum published The role of psychoactive substances in shamanic transformations of consciousness by Ralph Metzner, Spring 1988

JAMA published Letters on MDMA by various authors, March 1988

Science published Ecstasy returns to schedule 1 by Silbert, April 1988

The Rocky Mountain News published MDMA: Studies of illicit drug raise questions about effect by John Accola, March 4, 1988

The Economist published Psychoactive drugs: Ignorance of bliss, March 19, 1988.

Harpers magazine published Letters - Drug Problem by Rep. Charles B. Rangel - Kevin Zeese - various authors, July 1988

The San Francisco Chronicle published Ecstasy may harm brain by David Perlman, July 1, 1988

The Santa Cruz Sun published MDMA: the agony and the ecstasy by Tai Moses, July 21, 1988

High Times magazine published Ecstasy: the MDMA story (part 1) by Bruce Eisner, August 1988

The Village Voice published Getting real about getting high - an interview with Andrew Weil MD by Richard Goldstein, September 1988

High Times magazine published Ecstasy: the MDMA story (part 2) by Bruce Eisner, September 1988

Rolling Stone magazine published The war on drugs: our next vietnam by Jann S. Wenner, June 1990

High Times magazine published Rick Doblin on MDMA THC and LSD by Thomas Lyttle, December 1992

The Bloomington Herald published First LSD experiment recalled - more research urged by Mike Leonard, January 1993

The San Diego Tribune published FDA allows human testing of love drug by Lynn Franey, December 1993

The Daily Breeze published Esctasy: evil drug or a cure by Lynn Franey, December 1993

Newsweek magazine published A possible new role for a banned club drug by Eve Conant, May 2005

The Chicago Tribune published Getting rid of drug-related crime by Jeff Riggenbach, June (year unknown)

Psyciatric Press published Cautions against Clincal Trial With MDMA in Psychotherapy

Playboy magazine published For whom the drugs toll

French Publication Etranger published Les Américains privés d'extase

The Star Telegram published Users liken ecstasy to LSD and speed by Sue Morrison

The New Age Journal published The price of ecstasy by Simson L. Garfinkel

The Dallas-Times Herald published Gala farewell in Dallas for drug Ecstasy

Science Digest published Ecstasy causes agony

National Enquirer published Nearly half think Illegal Drugs should be Legalized

Dorm: Getting the most out of life on campus published "Out of Control", Fall 1986

An unknown press published Laws hamper study of ecstasy - photo of George Ricaurte performing lab tests

An unknown press published Palo Alto 'Drug Death' - Friend of Victim Held

An unknown press published GAO Labels War on Drugs Ineffective

An unknown press published Drug Foes Aren't High on Civil Liberties By Gary T. Marx

An unknown press published Amphetamines found to cause permanent brain damage, by Charles Cuhane

An unknown press published Here's What's Being Said, Pro and Con, About MDMA

An unknown press published Ecstasy - everything looks wonderful when you are young and on drugs

An unknown press published Designer drugs among the suds, by Richard Laermer