MDMA and Trichototillomania, Tourette's Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy

The following individuals will be referred to by initials in order to protect their identities.

W.N. and S.P. struggled for years with trichotillomania (an impulse-control disorder characterized by compulsive hair pulling). W.N. even went through periods so severe she had bald patches on her head. Both had taken MDMA a few times, not at a rave or party, but in a setting of close friends, talking and supporting one another. After a guided meditation under the influence of MDMA, W.N. and S.P. both reached epiphanies about their trichotillomania. W.N was subsequently cured, almost completely, now able to stop herself mid-pull, a great feat for someone with Trichotillomania. S.P. also experienced a complete subsiding of the urge to pull hair for approximately one week after this epiphany, before the urges began to return. S.P is still dealing with the trichotillomania, however it has vastly improved over the previous state.

S.P. also has Tourette's Syndrome (TS), as does L.C.. (Tourette's Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by multiple motor tics and at least one verbal tic; these can include blinking, face grimacing, shoulder shrugging, throat clearing, grunting, etc). When S.P. and L.C. take MDMA (as above, in a group-therapy-type setting with close friends) their tics disappear completely. This has proven for S.P and L.C. to be even more effective than prescribed medications. (This result is also surprising in light of the fact that most TS medications are norepinephrine or dopamine inhibitors (decrease activity in dopamine pathways) and MDMA is a dopamine agonist (increases availability of dopamine).

J.B. has Cerebral Palsy, which he has kept at bay for several years now with regular exercise. Although his Cerebral Palsy does not yet visibly affect him, he is in constant pain, especially in his foot. He tried MDMA for the first time, recently, and reported that the pain completely dissipated, and he felt no remnants of his CP.

NOTE: None of the individuals described above take MDMA more than once every 1-2 months (on rare occasion once every few weeks) and always at relatively low doses (100-150 mg or less).

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